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“Stress Management.” Hamline Law : Home Page. Web. 20 Mar. 2012. <;.


Summary : The Hamline University put up an article on stress management and in this article they list kinds of stress that will happen to you in class during law school. They give me a list of different signs of stress that law school student encounter Physical, Behavioral,Emotional,  Intellectual.

Assement: This is a good reliable source since it is giving me more kinds of stress that law school student go through. since this article is actually from a law school they know what law school student encounter. Also in this article it list on how to get a personnel counseling like so what a shrink. This source is just giving me a better idea of how law school students handle stress.

Reflection: This will be one of the sources I will start off with first to give the audience an idea of what are the stypmtoms of stress that law school students go through. Since I’m  a future Law school student I can give my own input on some of these stress because some I do have question about the stress that they said law school go through.

DUNNEWOLD, MARY. “Handling Law School Stress Well.” Student Lawyer 40.4 (2011): 17-20. Academic Search Complete. Web. 19 Mar. 2012.

Summary: This article is from a law school professor from Hamline.  The article discusses  how law students can manage stress . There are programs established by some law schools to help law students manage stress including Vanderbilt University law school  supportive practices class which is an optional, non-credit program that teaches students on stress-reduction strategies. It is important for law  students to create their own goals that are realistic and achievable. Law  students should learn to be their own self and the skill of objective analysis.

Assesment: This article gives me a better clear understanding of how much law school puts stress on your body, but in Dunnewold article she says, “stay connected” meaning that just do put all of your focus into law school. Go out and have fun stay close in touch with college friends and family. Dunnewold says not to over due anything because too much of anything can kill you . In the article she gives me an understanding on what things to do more and things to do less, basically do things that can help not stress my mind so much once I enter Law School I will not put so much stress on my body.

Reflection: I think out of all the sources I do have right now this source has given me a better understand on what I will be prepared for in law school and this source has given me idea of what to do once my stress level reaches it critical point. Also since this source gives me an addition web site to go to so that I can look at lawyers stories on law school and look at what they did to relieve their stress.

“On Self-Care in the First Year of Law School.” Top Law Schools. Web. 17 Mar. 2012. <;.

Summary: In this article it talks about your first year of law school will be how stressed you will be. In the article they talk about the best offense is a good defense which means that you have control of what you do which is sleep hygiene, a healthy diet. In this article it list some things that you should do to make sure that your not stressed. Also in this article it talks about also staying social, economic, and maintaining these health. Article goes deep in thought of what to, and not to do once your in law school, how to deal with these kind of stress.

Assessment: This article will be useful to me because it doesn’t just tell us about stress in general but it tells me the different kinds of stress that I will encounter in law school. In the article its gives me a list about what to do to maintain, where I will not lose confidence of becoming a lawyer.Once the reader gets a better understanding on what students go through during law school they can see the struggle law school students go though and see why most of lawyers are drug users and alcoholics.

Reflection: This article will help me with my paper because it is giving me answer to my research question , and it is giving me a better understanding on what I need to do to become a lawyer. There will be many obstacles that I will have to over come my first year of law school. When I do get stressed I need to do the exercises they list in this article so I will not break down.

“Glesner Fines Stress in Legal Education.” UMKC School of Law. Web. 14 Mar. 2012. <;.

Summary: If you are thinking about going to law school you need to read this and this professor of an actually law school in Kansas will give you the honesty of law school, and give you the heads up on how stressed you will be during law school.While telling you how stress you are going to be in law school she is also going to tell you ways of to relieve that stress. In the reading she tells how law school expands your critical thinking skills, and expanding your overall brain. In the reading she says how you come to class thinking you know the material, but after class you will have no clue what the material is now. Glesner also that there is a four plan that can relieve you of the stress which is 1. Have faith in God 2. Have faith in the process 3. Have faith in yourself 4. Become your own cheerleader and reassure yourself with all the success you have already had that brought you to this point.

Assessment : This reading I found in Kansas law school I find very useful as a future law school student I know her reading has a lot of good information that I can go back and refer to. Since this is from an actually professor that teaches at the law education level this is a very reliable source.

Reflection: This source explains most of my research question and plus this source gets me ready for law school , this source gives me ways on how to relieve my stress once I start law school. She gives me a couple of ways that I can answer my research question , and this will be one of my main sources that I will be referring to early in my review of lit.

I am asking what ideas do you or class mates have about what different sources I can use to find out my research proposal. I have used the internet for some resources and the library. I’m asking do you think I should interview a lawyer in Roberson County and record and add it to my portfolio. Can you give me any other suggestion that I can do to make my portfolio a great one please comment on this  blog.

I’m having some what good of finding information on my research proposal, but the thing about it is that some resources are not credited and that some of information if fague and really does not give me a lot of things to talk about.